Chu by China Doll

Fine China, an exquisite dining experience in Western Sydney.

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From the team behind harbourside China Doll and city venue, China Lane comes the special venture Chu Restaurant, made specifically for Western Sydney! Expect the same high-quality taste but readily available to you in the West.

China Doll showcases a modern take on culinary traditions from China, Hong Kong, Japan and South East Asia. With restauranteur Steve Anasiou bringing Chu Restaurant to the West, the venue will be led by former China Lane head chef Ben Haywood, who will work closely with head chefs Frank Shek (China Doll) and Kristian Vale (China Lane) on the menu. Our dedicated chefs bring together a harmonious marriage of both flavour and technique in all dishes prepared. The menu is inspired by premium and ethically sourced produce providing a balanced list of generously portioned modern Asian dishes. Chu Restaurant l will sit within an expansive 200-seat space within West HQ, which is set to emulate 1940s Shanghai, as per the vision of designer Bianca Fraser from The Unlisted Collective.

Fun facts about the chef

At the helm of the kitchen is head chef Frank Shek, who began his culinary career at the age of six, working in his family’s Chinese restaurant in Scotland. Frank quickly developed a taste for an exciting and fast-paced kitchen, learning self-discipline, a strong work ethic and intricate techniques handed down through the generations of his Cantonese family.

Frank has worked at China Doll since its inception and is inspired by his dynamic team comprising of chefs from all across Asia, including Korea, Indonesia, Nepal, China, Bangladesh, Macau, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam

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