If you’re looking to play Mahjong, then look no further than West HQ. This game is open to all, from the seasoned professionals to those who have no idea about the game! A fast-paced, rummy-style game in which four players attempt to form sets of three or four matching or sequenced tiles, it’s hugely popular not only across Asia but around the world. It is an emblem of peace and friendship and inviting someone over for a game of Mah Jong is the same as extending a hand in friendship in the Chinese culture. So Rooty Hill RSL is inviting you to come down to The Sports Bar on Tuesdays and Saturdays for a game of Mahjong.

There will be two rounds each going for one hour with a thirty-minute break in between.




Tuesday and Saturday / Registration is from 1:00pm, and finishes at 3:30pm


West HQ’s Sports Bar


To participate, contact:

Gary/ 0423012517

Leon / 0430984440

Freddy / [email protected]


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