Mark Geyer

NRL legend

West HQ proudly presents the story of rugby league legend Mark Geyer – a story that began in Western Sydney


There are few people who are more passionate advocates for Western Sydney than Mark Geyer. The Rugby League legend and media personality grew up in the West, and played 180 games of NRL and 6 representative games for Australia and NSW, including 135 games for the Penrith Panthers.

Mark Geyer has fond memories of growing up in Whalan. “Life was really really good growing up. I always thought it was just a dream. There was always so much to do. Some of my old stomping grounds were Whalan Reserve. I used to go down there and just play footy and cricket all day.”

“My passion for Rugby League started when I was about 4 or 5. I remember my dad would work long hours as a truck driver. He’d come home just on dark and I’d be waiting on the stairs with a football in my arm and a kicking tee which was made out of a little ice cream container. It’s taken me to places professionally that I never thought it would take me.” said Mark, remembering his first memories of the game he’s been immersed in for most of his life.

Off the field, Mark received and Order of Merit in 2000 when he retired from rugby league and then in 2014 received an Order of Australia Medal for his work with charities, the community and grass roots rugby league. Setting a good example for his children and giving back to the community that gave him so much have always been big motivators for Geyer.

“My first school motto was ‘Strive to Achieve’ and I’ve tried to do that all my life.” recalled Mark. “My wife said to me about 10 years ago that ‘to who much is given, much is expected’ and it’s kind of been my mantra. After I’ve had 5 children, I’m trying to do as much as I can to make sure that they see me doing a lot of things for other people who are less fortunate. I have no shame in saying that I want to be a role model. A lot of people haven’t met me, but I can still inspire them by my actions which I’m trying to do on a daily basis.”

Western Sydney is Rugby League’s heartland, but Mark Geyer is one of the few League alumni’s that still live in the West, something he has no plans to change. “A lot of people live in the West because of circumstance, a lot of people live there because they love it, a lot of people live there because it is where they were brought up. I’m all three. It’s a community I want to be part of forever. I am a Westie – Proud of it.”

Watch the video to hear more of Mark’s amazing story.


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