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Financial Report

Click here to view a copy of the Financial Report online.

Printed copies are available from West HQ Customer Service, located at the Western Foyer entrance.

Club Constitution

Constitution of West HQ Ltd as at 19 May 2023

Registered Clubs Act

See Registered Clubs Act here.

You can find our Quarterly Income and Expenditure Statement, and the Balance Sheet for the period ending 31 March 2024 here.

Please see the Notice to Members regarding disclosures here.

Please see the Notice to Members regarding electronic communications here.

Our policies

No more. It’s the law

The Liquor Licensing Act aims to ensure that those who consume alcohol only do so in a responsible manner. West HQ Limited is committed to the principles of responsible service of alcohol. All employees must adhere to the following responsible service of alcohol practices, below is an extract of West HQ Limited’s policy on Responsible Service of Alcohol:

  • No liquor will be served to minors (under 18 years of age).
  • No intoxicated persons will be admitted to West HQ.
  • Intoxicated persons will be refused service of liquor.

To identify signs of intoxication, West HQ Employees will look for:

  • A notable change in behaviour, especially antisocial, inappropriate or violent behaviour, use of abusive language
  • Slurring of, or mistakes in speech
  • Clumsiness, knocking things over (like a drink or ashtray), or fumbling with change
  • A significant loss of co-ordination (usually swaggering or swaying)
  • A degree of confusion, a lack of understanding or ability to hear, and a difficulty in responding
  • Physical illness such as vomiting
  • Responsible service of alcohol is becoming increasingly more relevant and you should be aware that serious offences are handed out to both licensees and individual bar employees who don’t adhere to these guidelines.

In NSW, the current applicable penalty is a maximum $5000 fine for the following offences:

  • Permit intoxicated or indecent or quarrelsome behaviour on licensed or registered club premises
  • Sell or supply liquor to an intoxicated person on licensed or club premises
  • Sell or supply liquor to a minor


Player activity statement is available on request. West HQ practices the responsible service of alcohol. Help is close at hand GambleAware gambleaware.nsw.gov.au 1800 858 858. If gambling is creating a problem in your life help is available. Contact the 24hr free confidential counselling service on 1800 BETSAFE (1800 239 723).

Smoking Policy

Patrons are reminded that in accordance with the “Smoke-Free Environment Act 2004” that they are only permitted to smoke in the designated areas within West HQ.

Dress Regulations

A minimum standard of smart casual attire, footwear and personal hygiene is required at all times.

Acceptable attire:

· neat, clean and occasion appropriate clothing (which includes sleeveless tops) and footwear;

· workwear (provided that is it not torn, dirty or displaying official positions that may cause confusion with West HQ uniforms or representatives); and

· headwear for religious or medical reasons only (provided it does not cover the face) and special occasions as determined by West HQ (eg. Melbourne Cup). Note: if headwear covers the face, the person will still be required to verify their identity in a private and respectful manner.

Unacceptable attire:

· torn or dirty clothing;

· swimwear or sleepwear;

· bare feet;

· helmets;

· sleeveless/singlet tops that gape under arm;

· sporting boots or studded boots or belts;

· offensive slogan or images (whether on clothing or tattoos);

· revealing, provocative or immodest clothing; and

· OMCG or gang emblems or colours.

The interpretation of the Dress Code will be at the sole discretion of West HQ.

Cloaking Requirements 

West HQ requires the cloaking of larger items (backpacks, knapsacks, luggage) at main entry foyers.

Note: Food items and alcohol cannot be brought into the venue and will not be cloaked.


Please remember to bring your membership card when entering the premises. If you are not a member or you wish to join, please bring a current photo ID.

Notice: While visiting these premises children are not to be left unattended in vehicles.

Warning: Surveillance cameras are active at all times. Smoking is not permitted within four metres of the entrance.

Full Conditions of Entry available to view here


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